Topless Florida Woman Trashing McDonald’s: 10 Unanswered Questions

Of course this happened in a McDonald’s. Of course that McDonald’s in is Florida. It honestly seems like half the ridiculous videos online are filmed in, either, the sunshine state or Micky D’s. The video below, a woman dressed in nothing but a thong, absolutely trashes a McDonald’s in Pinellas Park, Florida. She does what all of us have felt like doing every time a McD’s cashier is a dick. The woman jumps over the counter, eats their soft serve straight from the spout, and raids the mini-fridge where they keep all the chocolate milk and apple juice.

Overall, the video makes me think of Dave Chappelle’s Rick James skits, the audio is terrible but she had to scream “Fuck yo couch!” at least once. I guess the people talking in the background of the video work at the restaurant, and they do a great job of explaining what’s happening in the video, but there are a few questions that I need answered.

10 Unanswered Questions About Topless Florida Woman In McDonald’s

1. Where are her clothes, and was she naked when she walked into McDonald’s? I don’t think they’d let you in naked.

2.Howmany drinks did she have? If none, what drug(s) is/was sheon?

3.Where the hell are the people who are supposed to be working that shift? Looking at you Lavonte! Stop recording and get her out of there.

4. Does the guy in the blue shirt work there, or is he just a concerned customer? He keeps walking into the frame, shouting and pointing like he’s Peyton Manning at the line.

5. Did she order something before the rampage? If her order took forever, she might be justified. They’re not even busy…

6. Who was she yelling at off-camera? If she has friends with her, they’re dicks. Someone with pants on should’ve walked up to get the food.

7. Did she destroy the fridge because it didn’t contain something shoe expected to be in there? What was she looking for?

8. The moment after she’s done chugging the ice cream, did she stop because she got brain-freeze? I bet it was brain-freeze.

9. Is there a part 2 to the video? Please tell me there is! I need to know if she exits through the drive through window…I’ve always wanted to climb in/out of one.

10. How’d the employees decide who cleans up the mess? They probably left it for the morning shift.

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