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Trinity College

Hartford, CT

Trinity’s party scene is mostly dominated by the Greek life on campus. Although only a fraction of the students are actually involved in Greek life, the majority of the campus plans their weekends around which frat they will be going to Thursday through Saturday nights. Each of the Greek Houses have their signature parties, such as Psi Upsilon’s Tropical Party or Cleo of Alpha Chi’s Heaven and Hell. Most Greeks also have several theme parties throughout the year. Many students who “go out” choose to pregame heavily in their dorms beforehand, usually with hard liquor as the frats mainly serve keg beer and box wine.
On the other hand, Trinity also has hugely popular yearly events such as their 80’s dance and Spring Weekend. On Spring Weekend, the entire campus becomes a giant drunken party. Everyone gets drunk during the day and goes out at night, culminating in a large concert at the end of the weekend. Recent headliners include Snoop Dogg, LMFAO, and The Roots. Recently the school’s administration has taken steps to try to curb the fraternities hold over campus social life, but the party mentality of the school holds strong nevertheless.

Mascot: Bantam

Party Grade: B

Undergrads: 2,344

Guys: 49%

Girls: 51%

Trinity Greek Life: Yes, Greek life is present, 18% of the student body are affiliated with a Greek organization.

Bars/Hangouts at Trinity:

The Tap Cafe

Black Bear Saloon

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