Tucker Max Tears Notre Dame a New One | Penn State Receives Honorable Mention

As all of you know, the over hyped BCS title game between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Alabama Crimson Tide, is days behind us. For those of you who actually watched that sorry excuse of a footballgame,it’s safe to say that we witnessed an ass pummeling of prison proportions. The only thing separating the 2013 BCS Championship game from an actual prison rape is that prisoners at least have the common courtesy to lube up. Granted, prison lube is just a fancy way of saying spit, but I’m pretty sure that spit would have been a lot more pleasantthanthe ol’ Alabama dry rub. As if getting completely fucked on the football field wasn’t enough, the general public decided that a barrage of knee slappers was the perfect end to an almost perfect season.Out of all the insults directed towards Notre Dame’s football program, the most crushing blows came from none other than Tucker Max himself (via twitter). For those of you who have never heard of Tucker Max, feel free to educate yourself by checking out his website tuckermax.com.Regardless, here are the tweets that probably pissed a lot of people off.

-Keith Morgan