Twerking: How bad is it really?

Unless you live under a rock, you have heard about Miley Cyrus’ antics at the VMA’s. Her sexual assault of singer Robin Thicke and “twerking” gyrations have earned her national attention. You know you stirred some controversy when CNN does a piece about on you.

I know I’m going to sound like the out of the loop old man; but in my day, twerking was called juking. I’m from Chicago, home of the ratchets. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great city and is known from many things; ratchets happen to be one of them. Juking was a popular grindy-styled dance, performed at bars, clubs and house parties. It is basically one step away from dry-humping— well, it is dry humping. Teachers and parents alike hated the dance but the youth made it a part of the culture.

After the conception of juking, twerking become popular in the south. There is no difference between the two, but twerking can be done alone, without a partner and is mostly performed by women. As twerking became viral, there are more opinions and concerns regarding it. There are many parents who don’t want to see their daughter shaking her ass on World Star. It isn’t thesamerouteas doing porn but there are those who believe it is the next best thing. Yet sexuality is a part of the human experience. It is vital to the reproductive functions, but more importantly, sexuality can be a form a expression and art. It is true, maybe our generation is a lot more boisterous than our predecessors but so were they. There have always been controversial and suggestive dances in America, in all honesty. Remember the uproar Elvis’ hips made or crouch grabbing complaint about rappers? That’s just to name a few; people will always push the envelope further and further. Controversial women have also existed in so many eras of American history. Madonna and Like a Virgin made the nation cringe on its sexual message. Years later, Madonna kissed Brittany Spears on stage.
Listen, I’m not saying what Miley did was savory at all, but 20 years from now we’ll be complaining about people giving handjobs on stage. Society is only going to get more liberal as time progress, so controversial times are surely ahead. As a people, we’ll struggle with whether or not certain things are acceptable; but wilder things than Hanna Montana grinding her ass on a singer will inevitably happen.