U of Tennessee Student Poisoned by Alcoholic Enema


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A University of Tennessee Phi Kappa Alpha pledge took a few too many beers up the butt and had to be rushed to the hospital. The alcoholic enema lead to a nearly .40 blood alcohol level! CBS reported that the frat bros handed out rubber tubing and gave each other enemas. Sounds like a great party and the kind of people I’m willing to get hazed for months by in order to hang out with! Those Phi Kappa Alphas really do love to have fun!

gay frat brosHopefully this freshman gets a chance to get drunk and shove rubber things up these guy’s assesforthe next four years. That is, unless they get kicked off campus. The fraternity is currently suspended for thirty days and the University of Tennessee is debating the possibility of permanently banning Phi Kappa Alpha.Where are all my Phi Kappa Alpha brothers at out there?beer enema