UConn Sorority Delta Zeta Suspended for “Forcing” Men to Wear Thongs

According to a report by USA Today, UConn sorority Delta Zeta has been suspended by the University for an alleged hazing incident. The offenses listed are “forcing men to wear female thong underwear, paint their bodies and take alcohol shots off each other’s bodies”, there are also reports that they “made” the men eat dog treats! The men involved in this incident were members of a school fraternity.

It’s all well and good that UConn is trying to crack down on hazing, but the story is still very confusing. My immediate question, is that hazing? I’ve always thought that for hazing to occur, you have to make their entry into your organization contingent upon completing the task but what do I know? Did the fraternity pledges think that they were going to get into a sorority after they did all of these thing?

The main problem, for me, is that the sorority is getting the majority of the blame for “hazing” fraternity pledges. I’m not sure that a group of sorority girls could really for a bunch of guys to do anything against their wills. Seriously, who are these women? are they the girls that “Spring Breakers” was based on, returned to campus life?


It’s always strange to hear about hazing because the alternative to being hazed is to say “No.” Everyone says that college students are adults, but reacts like they’re children when incidents like this happen. The best deterrent to hazing, being able to stand up for yourself when you feel uncomfortable…it’s a VERY useful skill in life. Chances are that these guys were more than happy to be in the presence of a bunch of attractive women, and were fine with whatever they were “made” to do.

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    […] month, UConn’s Delta Zeta chapter was suspended for “forcing” a group of frat bros to eat dog treats and wear […]