ULTIMATE TRICK SHOT: Dude Throws A Football Over a House Into Hoop

It’s almost Summer, so it must be TRICK SHOT SEASON!

Two college friends spent an entire afternoon attempting to hit  the “ultimate trick shot” before the Summer starts. They decided that for it to be worthwhile, they would need to throw a football over a HOUSE! We’re all thankful that they recorded it so that we could see it! Adam Boelkins and Kyler DeBruyn, recorded the video using GoPro cameras yesterday.

They spent the whole day blindly tossing the ball over the house at the hoop, alternating throwers as each one’s arms tired. 50 throws later, Kyler nailed the shot over the house!

When asked, by FOX17News in Michigan, if the shot was fake?

“It’s totally real,” said DeBruyn.


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