Unconventional Drinking Games: Volume 1. Super Smashed Bros

Shortly after you begin your adventure into the treacherous and amazing world of alcohol you will come to find that most of your time on the internet is spent trying to find new and exciting ways to enjoysaidalcohol. That being said, you will soon turn to drinking games; a favorite of the college student! Have no fear because you can always come right here to combine drinking, games, and efficiency! Welcome to Unconventional Drinking Games…Volume 1.

This game is super easy, all you will need is…
1) Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Wii, Or Wii U (if you’re from the future)

2) A copy of SuperSmashBros. for your respective console. (You are more than welcome to try a different game for the wrong console just know that you will look like an idiot to all your sober friends)3) Alcohol of your choice, however I suggest a beer and then something to take shots with. (however this game is very user friendly)4. Good friends. And maybe a party to go to after?

Fiesta frog drinking game

The rules are simple, but we’ll go slowly for the under achievers:

1) Whenever you die you must wait out the little blue platform drinking a beer until you fall down to the stage.

2) Items aren’t against the rules, however, in order to use one you must first take one shot. A player caught cheating this rule will have to take 1 shot for every person playing…not including themselves.

3) When you make a kill; you are allowed to tell anyone in attendance to take a shot.

4) Anytime someone mentions that they “used to be really good at this game” that person must finish their beer!5) At the results screen all players must drink based on their rating, coming in 1st will require drinking for 1 second, second 2 seconds, third 3 seconds and 4th for four seconds obviously.
6) Last and most important, hammers are also allowed, but you must constantly drink whilst using them.

As with all drinking games house rules are more than welcome, and are in fact encouraged. Get creative! Figure out the best way to make sure no one ever wants to come to your house or dorm room ever again! (That way you don’t have to deal with the clean-up!)

Fiesta Frog drinking games

Now to set myself apart from other bloggers and also to make sure those people who just feel like being hermits sometimes don’t feel left out I always try to incorporate a single player version.

1) Make sure to set the enemies on and set them to level 9 difficulty. (I won’t know if you set them to level 1 but your consciousness will, and that’s much worse)

2) Drink every time you feel lonely.

3) Drink every time you check Facebook

4) Take 3 shots when you decide to post a status or tweet saying “Oh my god crazy Saturday night, so wasted, hanging with my three best friends”. (No matter how much you lie to yourself Jigglypuff, Captain Falcon and Luigi aren’t your friends…they just aren’t)

These were jokes, but this game was designed with the possibility of single player mode in mind, we’ve all been there bro!