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ALbany SUny


State University at Albany – SUNY

Albany, NY

SUNY Albany was once considered a top-tier party school. Although the university has lost this reputation due to the crackdown on underage drinking, students still manage to have a good time. You must be 21+ or have an amazing fake ID to get into bars/clubs in Downtown Albany. Lark Street and Pearl Street are the main destinations for bar hopping, and attract other college students from neighboring colleges such as Siena and St. Rose. Underage student’s best bets are house parties downtown. Luckily, students have buses totake them downtown for most of the night, but many will probably have to take cabs home. Tip: get to the bus stop as early as possible to avoid the evening rush. Keeping in line with the crackdown on underage drinking, many cops bust parties early in the night. Nowadays, students suggest that the quality of your nightlife depends on the amount of people you know, especially if you’re underage. The grandest event for UA students is Fountain Day, in which students gather in and around the huge fountain (see picture above) on UA’s campus to splash and knock their friends
into the water while getting wasted. While they are notdirectly affiliated with the university, students also look forward to Larkfest in the fall and Tulipfest in the spring. Larkfest consists of live entertainment and music, visual arts, poetry, magic acts and more. Conversely, Tulipfest is scheduled during the time when tulips are plentiful around the city and includes fine arts exhibits, live music and entertainment, and other activities to celebrate Albany’s Dutch heritage.More than 10 of UA’s sports teams participate in the NCAA Division I. It’s football team competes in the Northeast Conference, and its basketball team competes in the America East Conference. The most popular sports teams at UA are football and men’s/women’s basketball. As per the 2013 postseason rankings, Albany’s men’s lacrosse team was ranked no. 12.

Mascot: Great Dane

Party Grade: A

Undergrads: 12,779

Guys: 51%

Girls: 49%

SUNY Albany Greek Life: Yes. Typically, fraternities throw the biggest/best house parties.

Main Bars/Hangouts at UAlbany:

The Pearl Street Pub

The Bayou Café

Washington Tavern.

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