University of Houston Frat Bros Spring Break-In To SeaWorld, Take Animal Selfies & Eat Ice Cream

In a bizarre story out of Texas, a group of frat bros on Spring Break from the University of Houston were arrested by police early Wednesday morning. The group climbed over Seaworld’s fence around 2AM (GREAT SECURITY GUYS!), they then broke into the storage area to steal ice cream (Dipping Dots of course, it’s SeaWorld)! After they had their fill of ice cream, the group of five went in search of the animals.

Why? Cause they wanted to take selfies with them dummy! This was, unfortunately, their undoing; a security guard saw the group wandering around the park and called the police.

Three of the selfie hunters managed to evade the police. Duc Thien Nguyen, 23, and Huy Quang Mai, 18, were charged with criminal trespassing and theft under $500, according to police. They were each being held on $800 bail.

No reports of animals being harmed. Sadly, none of the selfies have been recovered.

S/o: The Week