University of Colorado Boulder (CU-Boulder) Buffalos | Top Party Schools Review

Top 100 Party Schools List – Fall 2013 List

University of Colorado Boulder

Boulder, CO

Nightlife at CU-Boulder is awesome, but very different than any other school in the top 20. The type of partier you’ll find here are some of the “chillest” people alive. Everyone’s very friendly, welcoming and super fucking high all the time. If you like drinking awesome beer, smoking the dankest herb and hot stoner chicks, Boulder is your Elysium. Nothing really official, aside from their incomparable annual 4/20 festivities…that were have been cancelled by the university as of 2013…which doesn’t really matter since recreational weed use is now legal in therest of the state…One of the biggest headlines about CU-Boulder concerned the cancellation of the annual 4/20 celebration; the school spent 180K to ensurethat last year’s celebration did not include non-campus visitors. Another huge headline there was the legalization, in the state of weed. Once again, CU-Boulder has received recognition as top 10 party school. Their sports teams aren’t really outstanding in any sports. Not a huge fan base either…everyone’s busy getting high and blaming everything on the corporations

Mascot: Ralphie the Buffalo

Party Grade: A

Undergrads: 32,000+

Guys: 51%

Girls: 49%

Greek Life : Yes, relatively small scene but good
reputation on campus.

Main Bars/Hangouts at UC-Boulder:

The Sink

Dark Horse Bar and Grill

Make sure that you let us know what you what you think about the CU-Boulder’s party scene in the Comments section! Check out the I’m Shmacked video below, and be the judge of how “chill” CU-Boulder is!


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