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University of Delaware

Newark, Delaware

University of Delaware is not abnormal, as party schools go, students can be found drinking in the dorms, at the bar, or at house parties. More specifically, UD is known for its “dages” (day-drinking parties), which are usually held during the warmer months of the year. Although UD tries to offer options for students who don’t drink, such as, movies, comedians, concerts, and alcohol-free dances, it is evident that the bar scene on Main Street and the surplus of parties in houses/apartments surrounding the campus overshadow the likelihood of these events gaining popularity. Overall, Newark essentially caters to college student as Main Street is inte
rtwined with its picturesque campus. Keep in mind that cops are trying their best to dismantle the drinking scene and as a result, have negatively impacted the school spirit of the university being that tailgates are a thing of the past. Greek Life/club-sports tend to throw the majority of parties, and students say girls never have a problem getting in, however that’s a different story for guys who are unaffiliated. Nonetheless, there is always a good chance that cops will be called for noise violations. On the upside, students barely have to worry about transportation as parties and bars/clubs on Main Street are all within walking-distance. During the off chance that students do need a ride, UD operates a bus called the “Hen-Ten” that provides
rides after 10 p.m.

Additionally, each spring, a variety of streets surrounding campus host street parties called “Fests.” Examples include: ChapelFest, WilburFest, and SkidFest. These parties take place in numerous houses on each street, coupled with music, alcohol and guest appearances from local stars. While tailgating before homecoming is the biggest tradition at UD, its prominence has been on the decline in recent years due to the crackdown of local law enforcement.

UD’s athletic programs participate in NCAA’s Division I-AA. It’s football and basketball teams are members of the Colonial Athletic Association. As of now, UD’s Women’s basketball team is currently ranked no. 13 in nation. Traditionally, students have exhibited the
most support for their football and basketball teams even though they are not currently holding top-notch ranks. School spirit has declined since tailgating has become increasingly harder to pull off.

Mascot: Blue Hen

Party Grade: A-

Undergrads: 17,484

Guys : 43%

Girls : 57%

University of Delaware Greek Life : Yes. Students, particularly those in Greek Life, throw the biggest parties during Homecoming Week. Greek Week is also a major deal in the spring.

Main Bars/Hangouts at University of Delaware:

Klondike Kates



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