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Top 100 Party Schools List – Fall 2013 List

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University of Georgia

Athens, GA

This school was once the top party school in the nation not too long ago and it remains a top quality party experience in the nation. Bulldog nation is pretty loyal and there is a lot of school pride so the bars near the area are usually packed with UGA kids. The area around UGA is not the worst because Atlanta is just an hour drive away. This allows students to attend concerts and events at bigger venues in Georgia, without much hassle. Both the, Football and Men’s Basketball, teams have had some success recently. UGA’s Football team looks to challenge Alabama for dominance in SEC this year. Much like other party schools with good sports teams, and active fans, the University of Georgia is a great place to tailgate before big games. The atmosphere at local bars is also pretty amazing! Thursdays are the new Fridays in Athens, GA! The students at the University of Georgia often begin the weekend a day early, by throwing parties and going out to bar nights. It’s always good to get an extra day in, I suppose. There’s lots to around campus, and you get the added benefit of being in a place where it’s, pretty much, guaranteed to be warm.

Mascot: Bulldogs

Party Grade: A

Undergrads: 26,215

Guys: 42%

Girls: 58%

University of Georgia Greek Life: Yes, very active greek organizations at UGA, more than 60 active chapters.

Bars/Hangouts at University of Georgia:

Nowhere Bar

The Roadhouse

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