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Umaine party

University of Maine

Orono, MN

It’s not hard to explain why UMaine students party hard, they’re in Maine. There isn’t much to do, so the students make entertainment for themselves. More often thannot,theirfun is centered around drinking a couple beers and then doing something crazy (see video below). The Greek letter organizations at this school have been around for a while, and they try to maintain a stellar reputation with the school. Despite this, they do throw massive parties from time to time; just to remind the campus that they can! If you aren’t into getting a little preppy and partying, then youcanalways entertain yourself doing something outdoorsy…you’re in Maine.

Mascot: Bananas the Bear

Party Grade: B+

Undergrads: 8,429

Guys: 52%

Girls: 48%

UMaine Greek Life: Yes, Greek life is present and has been around for a long time.

Bars/Hangouts at UMaine:


Bayside Grille

Make sure that you let us know what you what you think about UMaine’s party scene in the Comments section! Check out the I’m Shmacked video below, if you wanna see what it’s like to get bananas with the Black Bears!

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