University of Massachussets – Amherst (UMass-Amherst) Minutemen


University of Massachussets – Amherst

Amherst, MA

So you got into UMass- Amherst…let’s get weird! Well, at least, you could thanks to the sixe of this school. When you meet someone interesting,ataparty or otherwise, it’s a good idea to get their number or you might not run into them again! The social scene at this school is pretty interesting, the campus is divided into regions, almost. The different sections of campus are like mini-villages of the college stereotypes. You have nerds, stoners, trashy people, and students that seem like all they do is party. The bar scene off-campus is very popular aswell,with the over 21 crowd. Which is great, due torecent crackdowns by the police officers in the area. As far as sports teams go, they are decent. Expect to get drunk and cheer for the basketball and hockey teams often.

Mascot: Minutemen & MinuteWomen

Party Grade: B+

Undergrads: 21,373

Guys: 46%

Girls: 54%

U-Mass Amherst Greek Life: Yes, Greek life is present

Bars/Hangouts at U-Mass Amherst:

Moan & Dove

Hangar Pub & Grill

Michael’s Billiards & Sports Bar

Make sure that you let us know what you what you think about U-Mass Amherst’s party scene in the Comments section! Check out the I’m Shmacked video below, if you wanna see what it’s like to party with the Minutemen & Women!

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