University of Miami (UM) Hurricanes | Top Party Schools Review

University of Miami

Coral Gables, FL

The University of Miami is acclaimed for its stupendous nightlife and is a main reason why many students pick the Uover other prestigious university. In general, Miami’s nightlife attracts the hottest celebrities where tourists, residents, and students alike can party the night away. Aside from the consistently great weather and living by the beach, the University of Miami is a pivotal destination for quality education and partying. Ultra Music Festival is the most publicized and talked-about party at the University of Miami. Taking place each spring since March 2010, UM students talk about it all year long and plan their outfits for it weeks in advance. The Hurricanes football team also garners a lot of attention and definitely draws the biggest crowds within the student population as football tailgates are one of UM’s students favorite pastimes. Baseball, football, men’s diving, women’s cross-country, and women’s golf are Division I teams and are known as the Hurricanes. Additionally, these teams participate in the Coastal Division of the Atlanti
c Coast Conference. As per Associated Press Poll and USA Today Coaches, the University of Miami’s men’s basketball team is ranked at number 3 an
d 4.

Mascot: Sebastian the Ibis

Party Grade: A+


Guys : 49%

Girls: 51%

Greek Life: Yes.

Bars/Hangouts at Miami: The neighborhood of Coconut Grove, otherwise known, as ‘The Grove’, and South Beach, in Miami are the main hangout spots for students at UM. In ‘The Grove’, students’ flock to Tavern on Thursdays and Monty’s on Fridays.

Tavern typically attracts students in sororities and fraternities. Moe’s is another hotspot within ‘The Grove’ as it provides food, live entertainment and complete sports coverage.

In South Beach, students make their way into LIV at the Fountainbleu and Mokai. Even if students have a hard time getting into these clubs, UM is filled with promoters that serve as your gateway to a variety of other top venues in South Beach.

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