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University of New Hampshire

Durham, NH

the social life at UNH is spectacular; there’s always PLENTY of things to do during the week and on the weekends. Even if you aren’t involved in greek life,youshouldn’thave a problem finding tons of parties and activities to check out. Your first week of school is particularly important, you will meet a huge portion of the people you’ll hang out with over the next few years. If you aren’t into the same things as the people that surround you, then you should find a new group of friends before everyone get “cliqued” up. At thisschool,you will enjoy a few nights at the frats, go to a lot of house parties, frequent the bars onceyou’re of age, and then there’ll be nights where you stay in your down drinking with friends an playing games. All of these amounts to a good time, by our standards. The sports teams at UNH are OK. Expect a lot of decent games, with a big win mixed in every now and then.

Mascot: Wild E. Cat

Party Grade: B+

Undergrads: 11,942

Guys: 41%

Girls: 59%

UNH Greek Life: Yes, Greek life is present but it’s a small percentage of the student body.

Bars/Hangouts at UNH:


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