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Top 100 Party Schools List – Fall 2013 List

University of Rhode Island

Kingston, Rhode Island

Some time ago, the University of Rhode Island was the number one party school in the United States. Rampant partying being the claim to fame for URI encouraged administrators to repel this undesired reputation. Since then, URI has removed its former bars and became a dry campus, leaving freshman and anyone else who lives on campus with little to do but attend frat parties in overcrowded dark basements. Dorms are quite small and RA’s and housing directors are on you like white on rice making it hard tohave any fun. Despite the efforts of the administration, students take their partying elsewhere: off-campus beach houses. The only downside is that off-campus partying means driving at least 15 minutes to find a good party. One must also need a car or befriend someone who has a car in order to reach those aforesaid parties. Many students run the risk of receiving DUIs as there is no late night transportation to accommodate the needs of students. A student’s best bet is to make friends with upperclassmen in order to attain a VIP spot on someone’s couch on the weekends.

Nonetheless, Small neighborhoods such as Narragansett, Eastward Look and Bonnet Shores are bombarded with college students during the school year in which students attend house parties that are gushing at the seam and are more likely than not, receiving a visit from the cops. Unfortunately, the Narragansett Police enacted an “orange sticker” policy in 2005, which essentially charges tenants and landlords for noisy parties and has been denoted by students as a “Scarlet Letter”. The sticker also allows police to take impose stricter punishment on houses with orange stickers who continue to violate the ordinance. Although this policy can prevent many students from holding ‘ragers’ all year long, it certainly doesn’t prevent the frequency of house parties across the board. URI students also have the luxury of choosing between dive bars by the beach, sports bars, and nightclubs to change up the pace of partying. Local bars tend to cater to URI students by offering special happy hour prices such as the $5 pitchers of Budweiser at Charlie O’s or Ocean Mist’s ‘Ticket Tuesday’, in which students can pay $5 dollars for two drinks at the door, while catching live music. Students also cherish every moment of great weather in September and early Spring by holding day-drinking block parties where students swam the streets and party hop. Being that the student population at URI is so diverse, there is always something available to anyone.

The Ryan Center, which hosts sporting events and entertainment for students and alumni, recruits top artists and to hold concerts/performances in the fall and spring semesters. The schedule varies each year from artist to artist, but students can expect to hear from or see top celebrities. Nearly all 20 of URI’s Rhody Rams sports teams compete in the NCAA Division I Atlantic 10 Conference. The women’s ice hockey team was ranked number 1 during their last season.

Mascot: Rhody Ram

Party Grade: A-

Enrollment: 13,250

Guys: 44%

Girls: 56%

Greek Life: Yes. There is a Greek presence on campus.

Main Bars/Hangouts at URI:

Bon Vue Inn

Charlie O’s

Ocean Mist

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