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usc university of south carolina

University of South Carolina

Columbia, SC

The party scene at South Carolina leans on the Greek population in a major way, but there are plenty of events that don’t involve them at all. The benefit,ofthisschool, is that, it’s located in a city; even though it’s not the greatest, and they have a really good Football team. Tailgating before games and celebrating at the bar afterwards are common activities for a Saturday at USC. There are plenty of bars and clubs to visit, if your over 21, though it’s not the safest place to walk around at night.

Mascot: Cocky

Party Grade: B+

Undergrads: 31,288

Guys: 43%


SouthCarolina Greek Life: Yes, Greek life is present and they throw a lot of parties.

Bars/Hangouts at South Carolina:


Pavlov’s Bar

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