University of South Dakota (USD) Coyotes | Top Party Schools Review


University of South Dakota

Vermillion, SD

At the University of South Dakota, parties take very few days off. The drinking scene is massive at USD, students that don’t drink resort to searching forsimilarpeopleto avoid the social scene. The Greek letter organizations have a large following, controlling the weekend events. Very few of the parties happen on-campus, so it’s important to have lots of social connections. Otherwise, it can might be difficult to know about what’s going on. The bar scene is popular during the weekdays. As for their sports teams, USD’s football team is popular with students. More reason to drink!

Mascot: Coyotes

Party Grade:B


Guys: 38%

Girls: 62%

USD Greek Life: Yes, Greek life is present on campus; there are 9 fraternities and 4 sororities.

Bars/Hangouts at USD:

Charcoal Lounge

Howler’s bar & Grille

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