University of Southern Mississippi Student Stabbed By His SAE Fraternity Brother

If you were ever a part of a fraternity, you understand that even in a “brotherhood” there can people that absolutely hate one another. It’s usually a bunch of little things; perhaps they ate all your bagel bites, someone pukes in your room once or twice, or maybe they empty the beer in your mini-fridge every time you stock it. Typically, it resolves itself in an adult way.

Not at the USM! An SAE bro at the University of Southern Mississippi (Yes, I had to sound that out.) was arrested, Sunday morning, after university police responded to a fight call at 1:30 a.m.

Elijah Dollar, who was arrested, had an argument with one of his fraternity brothers earlier in the night. For some reason their actual fight didn’t occur until later in the night…what are the chances that being drunk had something to do with this?

Dollar and his unnamed victim got into a fight, which resulted in the victim being stabbed on the porch of their fraternity house. Police are still investigating what the victim was actually stabbed with. The emphasized that it “was not a knife.”

The victim has already been released from the hospital. Dean of Students Eddie Holloway said Dollar’sfraternitymembership has been revoked.