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University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

La Crosse, WI

One thing to remember about this little college town, is that, there are always a house party going on somewhere from Thursday-Saturday. Drinking isabigpart of college life at UWL, and the local community is pretty friendly. La Crosse is a the type of place where you can meet new people and, then, un-creepily follow them to the next gathering everyone’s heading to. Prices, on drinks, are pretty much the same wherever you go, with some of the best drink specials of any college bars in the country. At UWL you should carefully monitor your drinking,withall the specials and the bars options it’s easy to drink WAY too much by accident.Just remember that you have classes a few days a week, and you should be in good shape. The sports teams at UWL are powerhouses when it comes to Division III sports. Their track team basically runs D-III…see what I did there?

Mascot: Stryker the Eagle

Party Grade: B-

Undergrads: 9,441

Guys: 37%

Girls: 63%

Greek Life at UWL: There is a Greek community, but they don’t play a large role in the campus social life.

Bars/Hangouts at UWL:

Bodega Brew Pub Inc.

Dublin Square Irish Pub & Eatery

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