Unusual Date Ideas For The Less Than Creative Guy

Date Ideas for guys Fiesta Frog
As a guy I know how difficult it can be to think of awesome things to do with you significant others, or things to convince someone to be your significant other. So seeing as I’m the most creative person you know (which is signified by the fact that you are here reading all of my great blog posts instead of reading the blog posts of anyone you actually know) I am glad that I can be of some assistance.

Date Guidelines

• Make it look like your idea, while still trying to be spontaneous. It sounds easy, but just make sure to follow thecorrect procedures, like not leaving this blog open on your computer or saying “oh you know that really creative guy who makes all those blogs that I can’t live without? Well he suggested this date idea with me.”

• Confidenceis key, don’t just do these amazing ideas with a “ho-hum” attitude, you have to exude so much confidence your date will think that you model for Calvin Klein on the side.

• These are not simple tasks, so if this is not someone that you want to see more than once, don’t waste either yours or their time. It’s just silly and it will ruin their idea of dates for the rest of eternity.

• NEVER EVER EVER REPEAT A DATE! Once it’s done, it’s done. You’ll be surprised how much women talk, I don’t care if you’re in a different country they will tell each other, and then proceed to kill you.

• Please expect to be paying forthese dates, you may need to wet a few palms to get what you want, but oh god is it worth it.

Okay with the guidelines set u

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