Using Vodka Soaked Tampons or a Nebulizer to Get Drunk | Weird Ways to Get Drunk

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Apparently, someteensand college students soak tampons in vodka and stick it up their

asses/vaginas to get drunk. Its VERY weird, but it gets you a drunker different drunk. You also don’t throw up because you didn’t drink it. You just get drunk and pass out depending on how long you’ve left it up there to get absorbed into your bloodstream. Its bad because it can cause irritation and also your body can’t throw up.Throwing upis a defense mechanism to help your body, so essentially puking is a good thing if there is too much alcohol in your system. The vodka tampon method is probably a cleaner drunk due to the alcohol going straight into your blood stream unprocessed and you get a more euphoric buzz.Think of this method like using a suppository LOL . However I would not try this crazy method!! I don’t stick things up my ass. However, if you do stick things up your ass, this method probably isn’t weirder than anything else you are used to. If you want to see the source video , scroll down to the end of this article. Now on to the NEBULIZER METHOD,The nebulizer method is probably the cleanest way to get drunk and you do not throw up. You put the alcohol ( high proof) in a nebulizer and smoke it like a hookah. It goes directly into your blood stream via lungs. Sounds interesting? It is, cause it is probably the funnest thing. It feels like your smoking hookah , you are getting drunk and its probably the healthiest way to consume alcohol ( I don’t know if it is the healthiest way).The nebulizer method will give you a buzz and will eventually get you drunk. However, the nebulizer method is not as effective as the vodka tampon method. The vodka tampon method is probably the next best thing to shooting up the alcohol (do not do that!!!!).
Here is the vodka soaked tampon video:

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