uSTADIUM’s NFL Draft Party

ustadium nfl draft eventuSTADIUM is kicking off its event promotions with an open bar at Stout NYC on April 25 at 7pm. The event is sponsored by Santonio Holmes and the III & Long Foundation as well as yours truly. NFL players,LFLplayers (yes, the Lingerie Football League), open bar, free food, and new tech. Yeah, we’ll be there – tickets are available through Eventbrite at This is one not to be missed NYC.
uSTADIUM is a new next generation social media product that capitalizes on the segmentation of the social marketplace – it’s called uSTADIUM. The product was built for football fans by somediehard football fans themselves. In fact, these guys can’t shut up about football. These New York boys (and one from Philadelphia) desire to spout sports news and opinions like the horn of plenty was a slacker. They want you to too, if just so they can debate the point with you. uSTADIUM was built to give football fans a voice. It’s simple attractive and intuitive UI and UX and gamified system of guessing the outcomes of games should put the platform head and shoulders above semi-competitors like sports yapper, which continues to act like a fish out of water (or freshman in college at the end of their first jungle juice night).Founders Frank Vittorini and Nick Spano host the radio show Flight 5 Live, now with thousands of listeners that range from NFL players (who regularly call-in, attracted by the no-nonsense and honest atmosphere no doubt) to other sports personalities (recently Manish Mehta of the Daily News and Kristian Dyer of Yahoo) ; Flight5 is set to expand its content by 5x in the next quarter (new additions include a social media fan-sourced unit).