Utah Woman Goes ‘Kill Bill’ During Argument with Her Neighbor

A woman from Salt Lake City, Utah was arrested yesterday after she attacked her neighbor with a samurai sword!

Tasha Davis, samurai, sword,

According to police, 25-year-old Tasha Davis had an argument with one of her neighbors. Eventually, things escalated to the point where words weren’t enough anymore, so she went to her apartment and returned with a 27-inch samurai sword. Because that’s the kind of thing people just keep in their apartments hoping they never get the chance to use? 

She rushed at her neighbor with the blade, and instead of you know — running, dodging, or any of the other possibilities, he TRIED TO BLOCK IT WITH HIS ARM! Genius move by the way, it always works in Anime.

Davis’s boyfriend restrained her until the police arrived, she has been arrested on charges of Attempted Homicide.