Video: Something to Look Forward to this Year ! | College Experience

Something we can all agree on, “back-to-school” commercials will ruin the remainder of your summer. Seriously, I can’t envision a period of time more depressing than the last week of summer. Furthermore,seeingas we’re all basically in the same boat, here’s a little something to look forward to this year (TITLE DROP!!!). Now, you’re probably wondering as to who in their right mind would ever get excited about seeing shitty weather. Well my friend, let’s just say that the weather (good or bad) can turn your average afternoon into a fucking shit show. After last semester, I’m convinced that nothing will inspireeveryoneto get drunk on a Tuesday quite like that flood did. Now, please excuse me while I turn this into a corny fucking ending—But then again, who knows? That might just give us all something to look forward to this year! (TWO TITLE DROPS? GTFO!). [youtube][/youtube]

Keith Morgan