Volunteer at Bethel Woods and get into MysterylandUSA for FREE

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I think anyone who has been to a massive music festival at least once throughout the event has had the thought, “WHO DA FU*K IS GONNA CLEAN THIS SH*T UP?” Well now YOU can and cross off doing something good for the community as well. If you happen to have a green thumb this years community service project titled 10,000 Hours really might just be for you! As one could infer from the name, Mysteryland’s  goal is to reach ten-thousand hours of time donated to charity work.

On April 18th the folks behind Mysteryland USA with will be teaming up with The Children’s Community Garden, Sullivan Renaissance Program and Bethel Woods Center for the Arts to revamp the children’s community garden. I honestly can’t think of a better project for the Mysteryland USA crowd. FLOWER POWER!! Through this initiative, Mysteryland’s goal is to reach ten-thousand hours of time donated to charity work. Participants can donate their time in exchange for a Nomad Weekend & Holy Ground Camping ticket to Mysteryland USA. For more information and pre-registration, please go to Mysteryland.us.–YOU NEED TO LINK THIS TO THE POST AND DELETE THE BELOW.


Clearly, Mysteryland USA is working hard to make the arts more sustainable and so should you!