Walking Home by Yourself: Mr. Solo Dolo | College Parties

Ok so its 2:30 the next day, your “catch of the night” is no where to be found and after Ragin hard your pretty fucked up. Pounding that last beer before you left…..probably wasn’t the best idea.If your not black out by now, your night of holding back your drunkness is OVER!! Your boys are all gone off with potential bunk bed mates and you need to make it back home. Do them a favor, don’t call them for a ride suck it up and admit it’s time to walk home.

Lesson 1-If it’s Open Ditch It!

This one is self-explanatory. Don’t haveanythingin your hand that smells like alcohol. Even if nothing is in the cup. Nothing says freshmen more than you being surrounded by 4 DPS cars and 2 Sheriff County cars as all of Euclid sees you get breathalyzed and given an $35 Open Container ticket. You thought you were slick trying to hide one beer but lets be real DPS has nothing better to do but to find that one beer. Still want to be a bad ass?Lesson 2- Go with the FlowEveryone knows halfway home, the world seems to tilt for no apparent reason. Signs Of Apocalypse you say? Nope it’s drunk o’clock and your body is trying to give out. GUESS WHAT, you can’t let that happen by any means. Pull the sand out of your Vagina and make a real attempt to walk straight. Remember this motto “Fake it til you make it” If you ever had to be nice to a water donkey you knowwhat

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