In Washington D. C. Marijuana Decriminalization One Step Closer

If you own a bong, and are looking for a place that’s a bit more accepting of your need to occasionally toke up, why not head to the hill? Yesterday, Washington D.C.’s city council voted to relax the district’s marijuana laws. The council, after a 10 to 1 vote, ruled that possession and private consumption of marijuana in small amounts should be decriminalized. District Mayor, Vincent Gray is expected to sign the bill into law; in the meantime, the D.C. Cannabis Campaign wants the mayor to “issue a moratorium on marijuana-related arrests.”

It is highly likely that the District of Columbia will join 16 states that have marijuana decriminalization laws on their books. When the bill goes into effect, possession will become a civil offense, resulting in a fine of $25. You still won’t be allowed to smoke in Public. It will still be considered a misdemeanor, with a maximum fine of $500 or 60 days in jail.

Just like the jobs, keep the blunts at home!