6 Ways To Get Your Clothing Back After A One Night Stand

What’s almost as inevitable as experiencing a one-night stand? Answer: Leaving a piece of clothing behind as a memento for your new friend! Sometimes the next morning the last thing you’re thinking is“I need to find my left sock”. Don’t worry, there’re plenty of ways to get your clothing back from a one night stand after you make your “walk of shame”, the next morning.

6 Ways To Get Your Clothing Back After One Night Stand

1. Ask a friend!

It’s a small world, especially if you’re on a college campus. Chances are you have a friend who’s a friend of your one-night stand who will be at their place in the near future and can snag your item, maybe without the person even realizing. If you know your one-night stand’s name, use Facebook to scope out mutual friends.

2. The Secret Steal-Back.

This works particularly well if they live in a college dorm and people leave their doors open. If you’re lucky, you may be able to sneak in for a quick re-con when they’re in the bathroom or chatting to their neighbor down the hall. Even better: if they’re in their room, bring a friend to distract them while you re-con (eg: Have your friend lure them out of their room by complaining that they smell a gas leak, or something, while you shuffle in from the other direction into their room to majestically swoop up your boxers/bra/shirt/etc)

3. Round two anyone?

If your one-night stand is of relative interest to you, round two sets up the perfect re-con scenario. But chances are it was a one-night stand for a reason and you don’t have many intentions of returning for seconds, let alone thirds, so try not to forget more things. Sometimes your favorite frat shirt is worth convincing yourself that sparks didn’t fly due to a faulty set of matches and that this time something will light.

4. Leave a note.

Try leaving a note at the scene of the crime asking them to drop off the item to you. This basically dumps any embarrassment on them as now they have the responsibility of dropping the garment to you, you sneak. The weight is off your shoulders… literally, you need your bra back and now if he follows through with this note thing all you have to do is sit back and relax. If you don’t want them knowing where you live, you can pick a public area to ask them to leave your item. One can even get crafty with this approach and make a ransom note, or incorporate blackmail, yet this is highly ill-advised. Don’t forget to kindly ask them to leave it in a bag.

5. Be an Adult! Go back and ask for your things directly.

When all else fails, you could be upfront and ask for your item back (either soberly or drunkenly… you decide which state may be better for you). You may be thinking this is the most embarrassing route to take. Well initially it may be, but in the long run it can be the simplest one. After all, you know what your shirt looks like and exactly where you may have left it. If you don’t plan on seeing this person another night, it is definitely worth embarrassing yourself in front of a drunken hookup to avoid losing your favorite Victoria’s Secret thong to the cushions of some random guy’s couch, or your new snapback to that girl’s little brother. And if you do want to see this person again, use this option as an opportunity to do so.

6. Play the waiting game…


Maybe they’ll return your stuff on their own. You probably took one of their shirts after being unable to locate yours amidst your morning flee, and they probably want it back. Give it a few days and you may find yourself in a barter situation?

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