Wesleyan Students Kicked Out Of Science Museum Amidst Allegations of Sex, Drugs, And Climbing A Dinosaur

Who says, “They don’t know how to party at small schools?” I don’t know whom it was, but the 2013 Class of Wesleyan University just proved them all wrong! Maybe we should swing the tour past Middletown?Wesleyan’straditional, “Senior Cocktails” events, bring the Senior Class together in order to celebrate the last moments they have as a group. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the students won’t RAGE! After all, graduation is closer than the eyebrows on that one kid from Eclectic…you know who I’m talking about. Leave it to the Alma Mater of Joss Whedon, Michael Bay, and HIMYM; to haveSeniorssay goodbye, in the fashion of the “30 Rock” finale!Senior Cocktails usually happens at a bar, this one took place at the Connecticut Science Center. The event lasted less than 2 hours due to alleged:
Bathroom Sex.

Bathroom Drug Use.

A Senior allegedly climbing a dinosaur.

“So it’s okay, when SHE does it?”

A Senior throwing up….over a bannister! (Look out BELOW! UGH!)

Wesleyan students kicked out of museum for sex and drugs

My favorite quote from News8 piece;

It was kind of a questionable plan to bring a bunch of people to a science museum where there is definitely drinking going on,” said Charlie Smith.

I hope that Wesleyan Administrators use the Ron Burgundy Defense cause this “milk was a BAD choice!”

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