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West Virginia University

Morgantown, WV

Despite the fact that the biggest parties are held every day that ends in “y”, students go balls to the wall for their annual Fall Fest, which is held during the first week of class. Fall Fest consists of an all-night concert on the greens of the Mountain Lair and is a perfect way to segue from summer to the Mountaineer life. It is evident why West Virginia University has been ranked as one of the top 10 party schools in America over the last few years. There is literally something to do every single night of the week at WVU, and there is always a party to be found! Being that there are so many options, students have the ability to never do the same thing twice when going out. It certainly helps that parties are free to happen as long as they are contained and do not spill out onto the streets. Students say that the biggest and best parties fall around holidays and game days. For those students who seek to attend a big football school, you’ve come to the right place, as their team is traditionally successful and throw the craziest tailgates. Even if you don’t like to drink, WVU sponsors “Up All Night” programs such as casino night, movies, crafts, karaoke, free food and more on the weekends. Additionally, the University hosts a variety of concerts throughout the year. Mor
gantown has quite a lot to offer to students, in which it is filled with bars and dance clubs. High Street tends to be the most populated section of Morgantown being that most bars and clubs are located on this street. You can be sure that most venues cater to students with their specialized drink prices. Students also have the option of venturing to a mall about 15 minutes away from campus to catch a movie. For those that like the great outdoors, WVU is surrounded by a variety of great campgrounds that students are encouraged to explore as The Student Rec Center rents out discounted camping equipment. WVU is a member of the NCAA, in which its 17 varsity sports teams compete
in the Big 12 Athletic Conference at Division I-A level. Although football and basketball are the most popular sports at WVU, it is most renowned for its rifle team, in which they have obtained 15 titles at the time of this writing. Other sports to play close attention to are men’s/women’s soccer.

Mascot: The Mountaineer

Party Grade: A+

Undergrads: 22,827

Guys: 55%

Girls: 45%

Greek Life: Yes

Bars/Hangouts at West Virginia University:


Lazy Lizard


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