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Western Illinois University

Macomb, IL

Fall Homecoming is usually a huge event at WIU. Normally the largest amount of arrests, drinking tickets, and events occur during this period. The parties inSpringare,usually, Greek Week related. Events like house crawls, bar crawls, and keg races are common ways of celebrating the Spring term. Halloween and Mardi Gras turn the town of Macomb into an awesome party destination. There are student’s parties, Adam’s Street (the bar area), and of course the normal traditions
of the accompanying holiday(s). The major bar nights at WIU are Thursday through Saturday. The bar scene at WIU is not un-like manyothercollege towns; the drinks are already relatively well-priced, but on many nights party -goers can find tons of drink specials…to make those dollars go a little further on the weekend! For the students who are under 21, they must resort to normal house parties and the occasional school sponsored event in order to find chances to have fun. The over 21 crowd definitely
has the advantage here; there are many more options, but that is to be expected. After all, twenty-one is the legal drinking age! There are plenty of concerts, some minor clubbing, stand-up comedy shows, and many other nightlife options for anyone looking to party. Overall this school’s atmosphere, as far as parties go, is vibrant. There’s a huge focus on house parties and lots of drinking; opposed to other types of recreational partying. The Men’s Basketball team almost made it into 2012 NCAA
tournament, but unfortunately fell short.

Mascot: Leathernecks

Party Grade: B+

Enrollment: 10,500


Guys : 52%

Girls: 48%

Western Illinois University’s Greek Life: Yes, it is not a huge deal if you are not a member of a house however.

Main Bars/Hangouts at WIU:

The Forum

The Change of Pace

Two Dogs bars

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