What Happens Before and After Your Ball Drops on New Year’s Eve | New Year’s Eve Traditions

What happens before and after your ball drops on New Year’s Eve? What type of title is that? Pervert! Well, in the spirit of New Year’s Eve, I’ve listed a few New Year’s Eve Traditions that not onlyhappenbefore The Ball’s dropped, but I’ve also listed a couple of traditions that take place after “The Ball” is dropped too… Cheers!

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New Year’s Eve Traditions

01.) The Countdown: Even if you’re not a fan of countdowns, you knowdamnwell that your drunk ass is going to join in on the countdown for 2012’s final seconds.
02.) The Cheers/Toast: Being someone who rarely drinks “the bubbly” , some of you sure know how to make drinking champagne out of a bottle look classy.

03.) The Midnight Kiss: If you haven’t found a midnight kiss partner by 11:58PM , you better pray that someone other than a family member is generous enough to at least give you a kiss on the cheek.

04.) The “Happy New Years” Handshake: The 3 minute window where you can wish everyone around you a “Happy New Year”.

05.) The “Happy New Years!” Facebook Status Update: Picture all of your facebook friends being drunk, and posting a status update at the same exact time. Chances are, it will look almost as lame as the ones “posted” below:

  • “Happy New Years everyone!!! I feel so blessed to have the best friends and family in the whole entire world!!!”
  • “I’m engaged!!! Best New Years Ever!”
  • “I WOULD drop my phone in the toilet on New Year’s Eve :(
  • “Oh, is it New Years Eve or something?”
  • “I’m so sick of seeing New Year’s Eve statuses”

06.) The Mass Text Message: *Note to self* This year, let’s keep the New Year’s Eve mass text message reserved for friends and family ONLY… there’s no need to start 2013 off on a creepy note.

07.) The enjoyment of witnessing someone other than yourself making a drunken fool of themselves.

08.) The brief moment you feel optimistic about the new year because you’ve tricked yourself into believing that you will be making some serious changes.


09.) The ass end of the night when you discover that you accidentally got blind drunk.

10.) The morning after when you wake up and decide that your new year’s resolution can wait another day or two.


What’s your favorite thing to do on New Year’s Eve?

-Keith Morgan