What Is Cheating & Are You Guilty Of It?

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What Is Cheating?

Cheating has a lot of different meanings. Depending on who you are and what your moral code happens to be, you could have a totally different definition of the concept than the person next to you. Is it cheating if you have a significant other but drunkenly kiss someone at a party? Is it only cheating if you have sex? Is it cheating to simply talk to someone whom you also have feelings for? This is a question that confronts us all at one point or another. No one likes a cheater and no one wants to be one, but they say that no new relationship starts when the both parties are 100% single.Physically cheating is pretty easy to classify, either you hooked up with someone or you didn’t. Some blame this situation on alcohol but a drunk mans words (actions in this case) are a sober mans thoughts. So if you happen to be the person who got cheated on, this could have been the most blunt way of seeing that you need to move on and find someone else that you deserve. It never feels good to be cheated on, but there is a silver lining and that is that you have a perfect chance at starting a new chapter in your life.

Emotional cheating is something that causes a lot more conflict. It is very easy to weasel around the fact that you were cheating, and word things just right so you look innocent. However this can be worse than a drunken hook up because it is ALWAYS based on feelings and enjoying someone’s presence, maybe even more than that of your significant other.

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My advice would be that if you feel the need to creep through your significant others phone, Facebook, Snapchat, mail, or anything else, you probably need to move on. This type of uncertainty is a good sign that your significant other isn’t 100% committed to you and if you continue to fight for his/her attention you will regret it. A relationship shouldn’t be work or a competition for affection it should be natural and easy. If it isn’t why waste your time? Either be single and have a blast or go find someone else that you don’t need to work so hard to be with.

If you’re the cheater, why are you even wasting your time being in the relationship that you’re half-assing? You’re not doing yourself or the other person any favors. Be a mature, good person and end it with honesty. If you continue to snake around, constantly covering up your “mistakes,” everyone involved is going to get hurt even worse than they would have if you’d just been honest.