How to Get that Other Person to Text you Back?

Have you ever texted that somebody a day, hours or EVEN minutes after getting their number. Often it is a bad choice, and not getting a text back could really hurt your self esteem. However there are things to do when you are not getting a response. Follow the instructions!

1) Do not text again if they haven’t responded. They will think you are a “fiend”. The worst thing to text is “?” or “sooo…your not gonna text me back” right after checking your phone a few times and not seeing an answer.

2) Do not text and then call them right after. That makes you look desperate to talk to them or somebody for that matter. REFRAIN and just leave it alone.

3)If you are testing the waters, start with a single word or few words text. say something like ” Hey whats up” or ” How have you been?” or if you are in the party still, text ” This party is lame lol”. Never text a paragraph on the first text ever, it makes you look weird.

4) You can text again the next day or in a few hours if they don’t text back. If they haven’t texted back in the first few hours or days, just call. It is unusual for people these days to not have text plans on their phones, but then again, it does happen.

5) Don’t sound desperate over text or use ” LOL ” often. It really makes you seem … just seem weird!

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