Beer Pong Shots & What They Say About You | Beer Pong Styles

You have your own style, and it gets communicated through how you dress, how you talk, how you act, and, of course, your pong throw. What does your beer pong shot say about you?

1. Beer Pong Shot: IndexFinger/ Thumb Ball Grasp
You hold the ball between your index finger and thumb, and squint at one particular cup when you’re shooting.

fiesta frog beer pong


What it says about you?

You’re a pretty experienced player, and you don’t want to mess up. Sure, you’ve had some slip ups before, but you’re back better than ever with a reputation to maintain… a reputation you care about. The team you’re upagainstis 4-0 and you know it’s time to put them in their place. You’re pretty confident in your abilities, yet cautious.2. Beer Pong Shot: The Elbow Hold / Wrist FlickYou grab your elbow with your weak hand while shooting, and the result is something along the lines of a basketball throw. You bend your knees and launch the ball in a finessed arch.

What it says about you?

Oh, you fancy, huh? You say you don’t care what others think of your winning technique, but deep down you want to impress the crowd with something different. The first few shots they question what you’re doing, but then they see a method to your madness. You like to be different and stand out, and it also helps that this technique is quite reliable, especially with each consecutive drink.

3. Beer Pong Shot: The Bullet

You chuck the ball at the opposing team’s cup. No ark, just a straight shot.fiesta frog beer pong shot
What it says about you?

This one is named after my school’s (Gettysburg College) mascot, the Bullet (by me). You’re eager to find a new style that reaps crazy benefits, and a little aggressive. Your technique works at the beginning, however with a few inaccurate tosses, you’re ready to revert to a safer, more meticulous throw. It was cool while it lasted.

4. Beer Pong Shot: The Flop

No one knows how you hold the ball. It is probably grasped in the palm of your hand.

What it says about you?

You don’t know what you’re doing. With the flail of an arm, you whiff the ball across the table and into a guy on the opposing team’s crotch. You shake it off and under your breath note how “You’re a little rusty.” Jeez, this is harder than it looks, you think. With a throw like that, everyone knows you just lost your pong virginity. Maybe tonight you should just observe others and stick to mingling.

5. Beer Pong Shot: On Fire

Technique varies… usually involves a cocky frozen release. You hit every shot.


What does it say about you?

You’re DRUNK. No one is this good at pong when they’re moderately intoxicated. You’re swaying back-and-forth and slurring every word that leaves your mouth, but you sink cup after cup. Chances are you’re having a great night. Keep it up, slugger.

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