Vine: What That? | 5 Hilarious Accounts To Follow

You’ve probably heard some of your friends, or that hipster kid at work, talking about the Vine App. If you haven’t, Vine is a relatively new (probably less than four-months old) app available for iPhone and Android Users that allows users to easily create short videos. It has an “Instagram-like” feel but, instead of pictures and longer videos, users upload and comment on 6-second long video clips. The gimmick which makes Vine SO intriguing is that you trigger filming by simply holding your finger down on your phone’s screen, and pick it up to pause. This mechanism allows for some really awesome stop motion tricks and filming styles. If you haven’t already, you have to check out some of the creative stuff– ranging from un-funny to slightly funny to just plain bizarre acts that other people decide to film. Vine is also great for those crazy drunken nights that you won’t be able to put into words tomorrow and can act as some sort of twisted documentary of your life. Also, similar to Instagram, the Vine application allows users to “follow” one another and keep tabs on one another’s masterpieces.

Here’re some funny users who constantly churn out funny material that, we suggest, you consider following:

Vine Marcus Johns

  1. Marcus Johns – Marcus is the, unofficial, king of Vine! Even if you don’t exactly agree with his sense of humor, which seems to be pretty universal (he has 700k followers), no one can deny his captivating charisma. His spastic style and good looks will have you hooked. Not to mention, he doesn’t mind displaying his awesome singing voice!

  2. <a href=””>Vine App Curtis LeporeCurtis Lepore – Curtis’ vines feature his English bulldog, Buster Bean, who usually gets himself into quite the predicament (eg: laying on random girls’ boobs, while slyly hiding in a stash of dollar bills). The vines without his dog in them are great too, but did I mention he has a dog? It’s sure to have your lady-friends saying “Aww he’s so cute”…not you, the dog!
  3. Vine App Brittany FurlanBrittany Furlan – There aren’t many things funnier than people doing weird things to unsuspecting bystanders on the street. Brittany’s vines are fun because she embodies several personalities and characters, such as regulars like a granola freak and a beekeeper, and interacts with unknowing strangers.
  4. Vine App Jerome JarreJerome Jarre – Jerome’s vining style is similar to Brittany’s in that he plays off of the public, but what I get a kick out of is that he’s French. It’s interesting to see humor styles developed in a different country. Jerome is not afraid to say “bonjour” and get hands on with the victims of his jokes.
  5. Vine App Jordan Burt

    Jordan Burt – This guy cracks me up. His character Gary is a lovable, nerdy, and awkward guy whose social anxiety leads to trouble navigating normal activities such as going through a McDonald’s drive thru or kissing a girl. You have no choice but to root him on!