What’s Your “Area Code”? | How Attractive Are You?

So, we all know the traditional scale for ranking whether you find someone physically attractive. I’m obviously talking about the 1-10 scale, I don’t believe in using zero because that’s just unnecessarilymean.It’s pretty difficult to judge how someone looks across a crowded bar, or someone you met at a house party. Anyhow, a few years ago one of my boys told me something called the “area code” method of this. It’s pretty simple as well as a far more accurate way of judging a person’s looks. Since the 1-10 scale is an overall rating, you might as well tell uswhatthe parts are, right? What you think about is…1) How attractive is this person’s face? Take their face and apply a rating to it using the numbers 1-9…








2) Would you have sex with this person? Pretty simple question, huh? The answer to this question is represented by the middle digit, if you would sleep with them it’s a 1. If you wouldn’t they get a 0.

3) How attractive is their body? What’s going on neck down? Was this person blessed with a good looking face, and then let their body go to shit? This is another 1-9 rating.


When you’re all done you should have a 3-digit number that tells you almost everything you need to know when deciding whether to approach this person.

FYI I’ve also seen a version of this where you judge their “Area Code” before meeting them, then once you know their personality average the first and last digit to judge their overall “Hotness”. This average becomes the first digit, and then you replace the last digit with a personality rating, if you’re feeling generous…cough…cough…sensitive, I mean!

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