Student gets Attacked on Euclid Ave | Syracuse University Stabbing

A lot of people complain when college parties require a student id to get in. However, party throwers have good reason to require student id’s. First and foremost, requiring a student id will keep the townies out. Honestly, townies are usually nothing but trouble. When a party gets infested with townies, it’s only a matter of time before all of your shit gets stolen, or someone gets a townie beat down. Obviously, parties are not the only place you risk having a run in with a townie. Don’t believe me? Just walk up and down Euclid a couple of times. However,ifyou plan on attempting this feat, just don’t say I didn’t warn you. The reason being, on Saturday night, a student was stabbed on Euclid Ave.


Syracuse, you guys have been our main priority from the get go. The point behind this post is just to keep you guys safe by keeping you informed…on a real note, with out you guys, there wouldn’t be a party community. Have fun, and be safe!