How To Decide Whether To Wear A Jacket Out, Or Not | #Girltalk

How To Decide Whether To Wear A Jacket Out Or Not

Hot Girl In The Snow

It is not unusual to see girls walking to a party or bar half naked in the middle of winter. It’ll be 25 degrees outside and freezing our asses off seems like a better idea than wearing a jacket. Obviously, this is ridiculous and just downright stupid but I’ve been there, done that and have the frostbite to prove it. This phenomenon is also known as the beer blanket. We (girls) get a couple of drinks in our system during a pregame and our body temperatures suddenly skyrocket givingus thewarm-bloodedcourageweneedtowithstand the winter weather. Also, alcohol just makes you do stupid shit, so there’s that… And then you get outside and realize you’re not invincible and start sprinting to the bar or party in six inch heels. Beer blankets aside, there are valid reasons why wearing a jacket to a party or bar is unwise.First, the amount of jackets I’ve misplaced or had stolen at parties or bars is bullshit. You throw your jacket in that nook that no one knows about in the back of the bar and when you return at the end of the night to retrieve yourjacket, there are a hundred more thrown in a pile and yours is missing. Perfect. Eventually, you stop looking for these nooks at bars and parties (or maybe not) and are forced to hold your jacket for the duration of the night. Juggling your jacket, your beer and your purse becomes near impossible which inevitably translates into you spilling your own beer all over your jacket. Which brings me to my next point… No one wants to bring their designer winter coats to a bar or party. If you’re going to wear a jacket out at night, it needs to be a bar/party designated jacket. My guy friend once found a grey, fleece North Face in his frat one morning after a party and gave it to me. This jacket was my beer/party designated jacket until it was stolen a month later… at a party. It is a never ending cycle.

4 Solutions To The Wear A Jacket / Don’t Wear A Jacket Question

1. Go to your friend’s house parties so you can lock your jacket in their room.2. Find a better hiding spot at the bar.

3. Procure a boyfriend and have him hold it the entire night.

4. Just drink until you can’t feel your limbs aka establish a solid beer blanket.