Who Are YOU When You Drink? | Acting like a Celebrity

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I tend to turn into Ke$ha when I drink. Seriously, upon swallowing that first gulp of hard liquor the wasted white girl inside of me comes out at full force.I go from the extrovert, funny girl to the over the top crazy , trashy bitch on the speaker system. This drunken demeanor, though I’m well aware of it’s existence, is completely unavoidable for me. Whether it’s wine, beer, Jose or Jack, whenever I reach that certain level I go hard (hard, hard, hard, hard, hard), and get all Ke$ha aggressive on everyone.Uponrealizingmy sleazy drinking habits I wondered if anyone else has a certain person or facade that they channel when drunk. There are many guys who act like they are straight out of a Jimmy Tatro video once the keg starts draining, meaning they turn into the stereotyped “frat guy”, slapping

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