Why Do Women Play Bingo More Than Men?| Battle of the Sexes

While it isn’t news, here lately I have noticed that more women play bingo than men. Being a man, I feel as though I should unleash my biased opinions on the general population.


If you have never noticed, any given bingo hall is almost completely comprised of women. For some reason or another, bingo, whether at bingo halls or online at sites like http://www.partybingo.com, seems to appeal more to the female gender than it does to men—but is it really that hard to figure out why?

Why women enjoy bingo…

First and foremost, women are notably better at multitasking than men are, and if you have ever seen any woman playing bingo, she is usually doing so much more than just stamping her card. Combine that with that fact that most women view bingo as a social gathering, and you have the perfect equation for a bingo hall full of women. You can bet that this is not the quietest setting either. Everything from local gossip and current events, to the latest coupon deals, nothing is off limits here. Moreover, if they are not talking to one another, you can bet that their cell phone is on the table as the alternate between stamping their cards and texting their significant others.

While the local bingo hall provides the perfect combination of drama, excitement, and of course, bingo, sometimes daily obligations might prevent you from taking part in the action, physically that is. However, most women have found a virtual solution to combat against this—online bingo! More and more women are taking the game from the old, ratty, smoke-filled confines of the bingo hall, to the remote, easily-accessed world of online bingo, where you never really know who your competitors are. This is because online bingo can be accessed at one’s own convenience, so even the most hectic schedules can be altered to fit in a round or two of bingo.

Why men don’t…

It should go without saying that most men do not possess the compulsive need to gossip and chat with their fellow man. In fact, most men seem to be quite solitary in nature, tending to tackle most situations alone rather than in a group. Stereotypically, men are always seeking new ways to express their macho persona, so a bingo hall full of men delicately stamping bingo cards with brightly-colored markers probably the last thing on their minds. Plus, with the majority of people at any given bingo hall being female, a few random males in attendance would appear quite odd—and we men know that!

As far as online bingo goes, should a man choose to play bingo, it will most likely be at an online bingo site. If the title of this article didn’t spell it out for you, it is widely accepted that women tend to enjoy playing bingo more than men. Therefore, some men might regard the game to be a “woman’s game,” deterring them away from the idea of partaking in it. However, with online bingo, one can remain anonymous, so it is likely that most men would opt for this route should they choose to play bingo. Still though, when a woman indulges in a round of online bingo, it is probably due to the fact that she does not have time to go to a physical bingo venue. In contrast, when a man plays bingo online, it is probably because he has nothing better to do.

Don’t get me wrong though, I have found myself heavily involved into a round or two of bingo. Some of the payouts associated with these bingo games are unexpected to say the least. A woman in the United Kingdom walked away with well over a million dollars, and all from one jackpot too. If that isn’t enough to tempt even the most macho of men, then I don’t know what is. But hey—as they say—whatever floats your boat.