Facebook Stalking Your Love Interest Is A Bad Idea

You meet someone at a dance class and force yourself to comment on the sweater they are sporting. You realize that there are sparrows on his sweater, yet you ask if they are owls, in an attempt to spark conversation. After finding success doing so, the two of you alternate topics of discussion. You share a mutual love for Tumblr, and you find out that he uses this medium to publish the poetry he writes. In turn you admit that you yourself are also a writer. This is the point, at which, you consider the idea of Facebook stalking him.

Fiesta frog facebook stalking

Curiosity takes its toll;youask if you might read some of his poetry. He kindly obliges and asks for your number to text you his Tumblr URL. Three weeks later, you two find yourselves out on your first date. You find the outing to be a little less than perfect but none the less there is still a wanting to see each other again. After parting ways you receive a friend request on Facebook from him and immediately accept. Before you doze off you decide you want to get a glimpse of his past and view his former relationships. You find the girls in which he has dated and you automatically begin to compare yourself to them. Soon you find that you are now digging through their profiles that they have left public, leaving your disposition at question. You start to feel vulnerable. (You aren’t Facebook stalking, until you repeat this act!)fiesta frog facebook stalking It is at this point where you begin to ruin a potentially great relationship. You find that the admiration you have for this lovely boy is beyond what you imagined and you become consumed with his Facebook persona. After digging and digging you begin to believe that the boy you have been seeing is a much more confident person than your current self. You see that his photos are littered with pictures of him and his “friends”, actual friends, who are predominately female. Females that you doubt your ability to contend with in a beauty pageant. You, now, begin to analyze any status update they post; recognizing, never before seen, patterns to which the likes of his statuses are averaging fifth-teen likes per post while yours is, say three. As a result of this you begin to develop a sense of uncertainty as you begin to feel that you are not so sure of yourself anymore compared to when you first made your approach.fiesta frog facebook stalking
Now you critically compare yourself to an image of him you perceived on Facebook. Unfortunately you come to some absurd conclusion, stating that you are in way over your head and begin to doubt your chances with him. Soon your doubts get the better of you and you make no advancement towards him. He notices this and shrugs you off. Because of your curiosity you dug your own grave. What could have happened will remain unknown. Let life takes its course and come to your own conclusions through interaction. Don’t let Facebook speak for him. In fact, don’t let Facebook speak for anyone.