Why It’s A Good Idea To Get Involved on Campus

Whether you’re looking for a resume builder, trying to foster new relationships, or just interested in enjoying the sense of community at college, it is important that you get involved on campus. The best time to start taking advantage of (insert your colleges name here) is the moment you step upon its campus. Well, in an ideal situation anyway. But, let’s face it we don’t live in an “ideal world”. I’ve been told that it is better to go with the flow in life and let it come to you than to be dogmatic in your approach. Life is more like a current with ebbs and flows than a desert that sees hardly any change at all. One never knows when opportunity may strike and some doors are closed so that others can open.

In truth, most college students aren’t ready to start focusing on their careers until junior year. Although starting as soon as possible is the best option, college is an experience. An experience with levels to it.


Freshman year is a time of growth and assimilation into the college lifestyle. This the first time most students will spend a significant amount of time away from their parents. That can bescaryandhorrificatfirstbut by fall break most students have gotten over the home sickness and can’t wait to get back to partying— I mean classes.

In reality, it takesabout a semester for the majority of students to get pretty well acquainted with the lifestyle.

Sophomore year is more of a time for social development and positioning for future endeavors. Now one’s focus in parties should go from having a good time to actually meeting people. Parties are often one of the best ways to meet people. However, it is a good strategy to separate business from pleasure. It wouldn’t be wise to talk professional/business ventures in a party environment. Think of parties as an “in” with people. You can “officially” meet someone at a more suitable time.

Also, students in their sophomore year have another year of personal growth added to their belts. During this year, students are being filtered by the successful ones and the ones going back to live at home. If a student chooses not to get more involved in his/her concentration, it would be a good idea to get a part time job (or two). Money is good to have even if you get a steady supply from mom and dad. Working now only prepares you for what is expected in the “real world”. Money also affords you options. You could buy a car, start a savings account or invest in that DJ equipment you always wanted.

The transition from high school to college is a much more difficult process than it appears and the two years of development may very well be necessary for some people. One’s success isn’t going to wait for him/her but it is best to be nurtured and prepared for it.