Bars Are The Best College Hangout | #College

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The dark days before one becomes of age, entertainment is usually found in recreational settings. Either you are an athlete who loves competition and self-improvement or you’re an “illegal” partier who does adult activities before it is allowed. If you were the second type of person, well good for you, that time in your life should act as good experience for when you become legal. Nothing against the athletes, but most likely they’ll start the hard-core partying a little bit later in life. That’s why most college athletes usually wear joggers and sweats to parties— they lack the social etiquette.

By the age of 18, the typical American youth will have all the experience he needs to survive in the party crazed environment that is college. You have been partying hard since you were in junior high and you’ve been sniffing foreign substances since you were in pre-K. A little alcohol and marijuana
isn’t goingto scare you at a scene (hopefully you’ve learned that you don’t have to accept these things all the time though). House parties are probably an extremely comfortable environment for you because you don’t need an ID to get into one. But in college, the bars are king.

The party scene is cool and fine but you can’t go “party” hard every weekend. Bars are much more relaxed but there is the option to get “turnt up” if you desire. The best thing about the bar is that it offers choices; there are multiple reasons to visit your neighborhood bar (or the one in the next town over).

<p style="text-align: left;“>Do you like sports? Well the bars are always showing the premium sporting events; from football to boxing and almost everything in between. Despite the perception, college comes short of delivering the best TV channels. Chances are you’ll miss out on those Thursday night football AND basketball games. You will also miss the Pacquio/Mayweather fight as well (don’t worry you’ll miss that anywhere). The bar is a nice place to hangout and catch the sport activities that you can’t watch from your dorm or apartment.

Another resource the bar offers is women/men. If your in college, you can walk outside your door and observe a bevy of attractive people, but the opportunity to actually speak to one is highest at a bar (or class). No woman likes to be approach on the street, but they come to bars to be social and mingle with others. At a party the music may be too loud for her to hear your silly attempts to bag her. At the bar, she may be tipsy enough to entertain you for the night.

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