Wicked Willys Bar NYC | Bar Review

Fiesta Frog loves Wicked Willys. Its a bar that reminds you of the college life constantly. You go there, you see sports, beer pong tables and girls dancing like drunk messes while rolling face. Thatswhatwe like and thats what you probably like also. Wicked Willys is located on 149 Bleeker Street, New York New York. Check it out if your in NYC. It is easily one of the top NYC college bars. You will find people that will keep you on the table in beerpong “lol”. Sometimes it is too easy to winbutthen again, FiestaFrog.com is the home of the BEER PONG CHAMPIONS. Pros

+Cheap Drinks

+Beer Pong tables all over the damn place

+College Crowd and College Aura

+Dancing Stage

+Stripper poles for girls to dance on

+Huge projection screens

+Perfect size area and clean

+In a neighborhood of NYC where there are at least 30 more bars around the area

+Live band

+ Weekly competitive Beer Pong tournaments. Very competitive!


-Double check of IDs (Sometimes)

-Not enough tables to make room for dancing and drinking games

-Sometimes not enough competition in Beer Pong on non-tournament nights.

Grade : 9/10 . The double ID checking and the lack of beerpong competition keeps this bar from being perfect.

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