Woman Arrested After TSA Uncovers 81 Pounds of Marijuana in Her Checked Luggage

Attention Potheads of Jackson, Mississippi:  It might be a little dry this week…

If you’ve ever seen Blow, you realize that people have tried hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to transport marijuana through an airport. One woman from Mississippi, decided that she would take the boldest approach yet.

Anastasia Murdock, 26, who was traveling from Oakland to Mississippi, decided that the direct route might be the best way to get her pot haul home. Instead of trying to conceal it she, allegedly, packed three suitcases–reaching a total of 81 POUNDS of marijuana–and then checked her bags!  TSA screened the bags, as they do with EVERY bag that’s placed on an airplane, and discovered her weed…reportedly valued around $100,000.

The most confusing part, to me, is that she wasn’t even boarding a direct flight home. Her flights were scheduled to have layovers in Phoenix and Dallas…did she think that she could beat the system that many times?

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