Woman Assaulted with Live Rats | Love Triangle Payback

rat attackIt does not get any crazier than this. In an act of retaliation, a mob of ten women marched to the victim’s household to confront her about a love triangle that the victim was involved in. According to the Philadelphia Daily News, the mob of women “didn’t bring guns or knives. Bats and rats were their weapons of choice – as in, baseball bats and live rodents.”

The mob of women proceeded to smash the windows of the victim’s home, and pour crates full of rats into the household. The mob also punched the victim in the face and stole her purse, which included credit cards, a social security card, and $200 cash. The mob was lead by a women who apparently had the same boyfriend as the victim, her mother, and a bunch of other women. Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love, but I guess the sisters give no love in this town.

As the Philadelphia Daily News noted, “Standing outside her home yesterday, the battered woman seemed shellshocked by the ordeal. She was at a loss for words as she gazed down 28th Street. The rats were gone, but her windows were still shattered.
“She needs to go to jail,” she said of the woman who punched her.”

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